Standardizing the innovation process with 6 steps

What seems like a contradiction at first is actually a chance to scale ventures faster than before. With the patient at the core of all of our product development processes we go from day zero to IPO and beyond.

Integrated diversification and risk management

The Digital Health Factory focuses on identifying and building medically useful and technically feasible economic business opportunities. The products in our portfolio have different maturity levels but follow a rigid process of company building with pre-defined milestones. This leads to a risk-adjusted investment strategy.


Ideation and Sourcing:

We collaborate with universities, other research institutes, and consult to ideate future business opportunities. By adapting design thinking to specific healthcare needs, we are able to focus on building companies that have the biggest positive impact on the patient.


Business Planning:

Let’s talk numbers. All ventures must ensure that they tackle a specific health challenge or medical need. Besides the technical feasibility, products and ventures must target concrete pain points, have a valid business plan as well as a convincing growth strategy. We especially love patented, and CE classified medical products.



Where it gets real. All our products go through a standardized prototyping process. With the support of our technical experts, we define relevant product requirements and develop wireframes and mockups in close collaboration with future users. We develop our first prototypes via an iterative process and eventually create MVPs to make our ideas more tangible.


MVP and pilot:

No BS – evidence and quality first. To make our products market-ready, we challenge and test our minimal viable products through piloting. Vital feedback is collected so that product features can be fine-tuned and our ideas can be polished. Our mission here is to deliver evidence-based, highly advanced, and effective healthcare products only.


Market readiness:

Time to shine. Having ensured the optimal problem-solution fit, we create brands that customers will love. We develop convincing marketing strategies, find the right language, define the best channels, and set-up first partnerships and collaborations to build the optimal foundation for market acceptance and future scalability.



This is when the real magic happens. After the launch, we invest in R&D, marketing, customer service, and great user experiences and never stop improving and innovating. For us, the sky is not even the limit, and we never lose sight of our expansion and internationalization plans.

Shared services and synergies across all development stages:

Our Competence Centers provide all the necessary services needed for our startups to scale quicker than ever. From accounting, tax, legal, HR solutions, and office management to support in data security and IT infrastructure. How about some expertise regarding medical studies and market insights? Basically a one-stop-shop. You’re welcome.