This is how it all

It’s getting real.

After extensive research into digitzation in healthcare, the Digital Health Factory started working operationally. We rented our first official office at Hitfox, leading to a company builder being built inside another company builder. At the end of 2015, we joined forces with Europe’s leading institute for stuttering treatment and founded Digithep, the digital speech training for people who stutter.

Founding, founding, founding

2016 was the year for new ventures and therefore the development of our three focus areas: Speech, Information and Behaviour. One of them is Speechagain and is based on the extensive and award-winning research of the Kassel Stuttering Therapy. The digital speech training for people who stutter was implemented as a Digithep product. Then after continuous growth, it was time for the DHF to move to our next office in Oranienburger Straße in Berlin-Mitte.

Speeding up throughout the year

You know you are building the right product when others begin praising it. Speechagain really picked up the pace. As part of the German Accelerator program, we opened our first office on Broadway, New York and won the grand prize at HIMMS Europe and the Eugen Münch award for innovative healthcare.
We also planed for the next product. Lisping is the next topic in audioanalytics and digital therapeutics (DTX). Developing the prototype demonstrated how we profit from the learnings of the Speechagain story.

Growth and Future.

The famous German economic magazine brand eins recognized Speechagain, our stuttering speech training. Speechagain raised €600,000 with the GLS crowd to fund its US market entry. In 2019 we launched Speechagain in the US and recieved additional fundings from a US-Swiss-German investment group to enable growth in the US and internationalization.

In 2020, we invested in, a heart heath platform based on big data analyses, where we worked to together with the team to set up the product.

There is so much
more to come.