Hartwig Jaeger
Hartwig Jaeger


Hartwig Jaeger,

CEO and Co-Founder

CEO and Co-Founder

Why Digital Health?

Hartwig Digital Health is “The Next Big Thing”. After digitization in retail and fintech, now healthcare discovers the huge advantage of digitization. They all are labour intensive areas where automation is more difficult than in assembly for example. Digital tools can support doctors and nursing staff so they can focus more on the patients than on administrative work. Healthcare can benefit immensely from digital health as digitization can provide individual services at a scalable level.

What does work mean?

Hartwig Work is one of the elements of life. Those are blessed who can work in areas they like and together with others they like – that’s what we are striving for.

Who or what continues to inspire you to grow and push boundaries?

Hartwig As a doctor, I worked in A&E a lot. By focusing on the goal to save patients I learned to handle various challenges simultaneously and deal with uncertainty. At McKinsey, I learned to work under pressure and get things done in the most efficient manner. And in running a hospital for two years, I learned how to prioritize. I am passionate about healthcare, focused on results and enjoy when things get up and running. I have seen all areas of healthcare: from strategy to execution and operational excellence, integrated to drive high level performance, opportunities and the chance to capture them. We have been monitoring digital health since 2011 and now the time is right and we see growing interest in this fascinating world.

What does the future in digital health look like for you?

Hartwig Hard work to grow the Digital Health Factory and build a portfolio of digital health companies that really make a difference for patient, doctors and nurses.

Interested in joining?

Imagine, design, build, and market healthcare’s future. Contact us via info@digitalhealthfactory.com.